Waiting List


Waiting List for New Patients 

Don't despair we will get you in ASAP!
A successful Naturopathic Doctor often has a waiting list for NEW clients. 
Doctor Julie Mardian traditionally has a 4-6 week waiting period for New Patients. It is the mark of a good doctor when clients are happy and return for check-ups. However, due to the wait times a number of clients drop off when we do our reminder calls. Circumstances change and a cancellation is a great opportunity to fit in a new client. 
So when you book your appointment ask to be put on the WAITING LIST and we will usually get you in to see Doctor Julie Mardian within one to two weeks. Contact our friendly receptionist Corinna to make your appointment today. Call 519-896-4800 or email info@mnm.ca

Frank Mardian
Clinic Manager