Forms & Fees


Intake Forms are automated and emailed at appointment time
Service Fees
First Doctors Visit (60 min) $180.00
Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing (SAT) $180.00
Total First Visit Price $360.00
Return Doctors Visit (30 min) $90.00
B12 Injections $25.00
Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing (SAT) $180.00
Miscellaneous Tests & Services Inquire
Cancellation Fee
(With 2 Full Business Days Notice)*
No Charge
Cancellation Fee
(Less than 2 Full Business Days Notice)*           
1/2 service price
Cancellation Fee
(Day Of Appointment)
Full service price
Missed Appointment Fee
New Clients who miss cannot be rebooked
Full service price

Please Note: All new clients seeing Dr. Julie Mardian ND are required to have the SAT testing with the first visit for a total cost of $360. Any prescribed remedies are optional to purchase and will be charged extra. Since covid we communicate exclusively via email and cannot take new clients that do not have access to internet or email. Due to our waiting list we cancel appointments if we do not receive confirmation of attendance 48 hours after our reminder notices are sent out. Confirmed appointments not attended are chargeable at the full service fee and must be paid before a new appointment can be made.

*To avoid a late fee re-books or cancellations should be made two of our business days (Monday-Thursday) prior to the appointment time.
We accept Cash, Debit or e-Transfer


Patient Consent


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Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing   $150.00
The above forms are for reference only
Consent Forms are automated and emailed at appointment time




Patient Handouts


( A )   Acid Alkaline Food Chart
    Adrenal Gland Dysfunction
    Alkaline Broth
    Anti-Inflammatory Diet
( B )   Bach Flower Questionaire
    Basic Treatment Guidelines - Men
    Basic Tratment Guidlines - Women
    BIA Bio Impedance Analysis Brochure
    Blood Type Diet
    Brown Rice Cleanse
( C )   Candida Protocol Diet
    Castor Oil Pack
( D )   Diet Diary (One Week)
( E )   Ear Candling Instructions
( F )   Fiber Foods List
( G )   Gemmo Therapy Descriptions
    Gout Relief Diet
( H )   Homeopathic Remedy - How to take
    Hypoallergenic Diet
( I )   Immunization Exemption Form
( M )   Metabolic Type Test
( N )   Nose Breathing
( P )   Pelvic Therapy Treatment
    Pregnancy Safe Herbs
( S )   Salt - How much is too much
    Sock Treatment for Congestion
( T )   Therapeutic Diet for Cancer Prevention
    Therapeutic Diet for Weight Management
    Thyroid Questionnaire
( U )   Unda Number Applications
    Urine Sample Collection Instructions
The patient handouts are intended for use by MNM clients only. They are for information purposes only and should not be used to treat conditions unless supervised by a Naturopathic Doctor or a qualified health care practitioner.