Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing

Sensitivity And Toxicity Testing (SAT)

Are Toxins or  Nutritional Deficiencies causing disturbances to your health? 
Our Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing (S.A.T.) finds Deficiencies, Bacteria, Molds, Metals, Viruses, & Parasites that are often the underlying culprit in disease.

Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing (SAT) priced at $180.00

Includes tests for the following…
  1. - Sensitivity Stressors
  2. - Environmental Stressors
  3. - Food Sensitivity Stressors
  4. - Nutritional Stressors
  5. - Toxic Stressors
  6. - Metal Stressors (Mercury, Lead etc.)
  7. - Virus & Bacteria Stressors
  8. - Molds & Fungi Stressors
  9. - Parasitical Stressors
  10. - Organ Stressors
  11. - Hormone Stressors
  12. - Degenerative Disturbances
  13. - Photon Laser Stimulation
  14. - Custom Made Remedy *

* Custom made remedy is optional to purchase.

S.A.T. Testing

Note: This procedure is claimable under some health care plans when accompanied by a separate visit to one of our Naturopathic Doctors. Check with your insurance provider to see if you have Naturopathic and/or Testing coverage. The technician is not a doctor, he/she informs but does not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. For an additional fee we have registered Naturopathic Doctors on staff to help you with your medical concerns. Testing is used to investigate sensitivities and deficiencies; we strongly recommend seeking professional help if you have a serious illness or medical condition. For liability reasons we do not test for anaphylactic reactions.

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